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WP Composer

The Best WordPress page builder plugin and the most powerful time saver ever. Easily to build any layout design quickly – It works like magic!

Easy-to-Use Interface
A simple and powerful user interface that will guide you through the web design process so you can start building your website from the very first second.
Work Like Magic
The easiest Page Builder plugin for WordPress Experts and Beginners. Convert your imagination into a real website.
Drag and Drop Editor
Build your website with a comfort of your mouse. Simply drag and drop any elements around the page to design your layout.

Funny Story

This guy's supposed to be building a new website. He's stuck, out of ideas.
Meantime, some of his clients are getting angry...He's past the deadline and his site is boring!
He tries Googling for a plugin to help, and he comes across the WP Composer Plugin.
Within 30 minutes, he's putting brilliant ideas together in a whole new site! Adding images, videos, maps, changing the background, putting animation, tossing in a contact form, and even social share buttons, and all without touching a single line of code.
His clients are blown away. They love his results. And no surprise—they're coming back for more deals!
Yeah! WP Composer has saved his reputation—and job!

Modern Page Builder Plugin
Next generation page builder plugin

Why WP Composer?

There are many WordPress beginners find it difficult to change or customize page layouts on their site. While a lot premium WordPress themes come with different page layouts, those are extremely hard to customize for anyone who does not know code (HTML / CSS).

If you want an easy way to build and customize your WordPress site, WP Composer WordPress page builder plugin come in handy because this plugin has a lot of features that you needs. This plugin will allow you to create, edit, and customize your site layout without writing any code.

Creating a good website will be very easy with WP Composer, why? Because it work like magic!

350,000+ website already use WP Composer!

Must Have WordPress Plugin

Right from the start, WP Composer Page Builder is here to help you with ready to use almost 50 content elements. Literally within minutes, you can build WordPress pages and page layouts with drag and drop without touching a single line of code.

As we know that every website design needs to be unique, with WP Composer Page Builder, you can work with any WordPress theme of your choice. Yeah! For Any WordPress Theme.

You can access our premium templates via online Template Library and build your pages in one click. Download any template you like without any restrictions. Template Library gets constantly updated with new templates.

Features Of Page Builder WordPress Plugin
Page Builder Plugin Settings Panel

Powerful Editor

WP Composer has a tons of options for each item ( element ) that will help you to customize the look such as color, margin, padding, fonts and many more. What you have to do just click here or there.

We also provide the default settings for each item, so you can easily just insert any item you choose and you are ready to go. Here are some great options you can use:

Font Manager - Access 850+ Google Fonts with live preview from any where, to build beautiful content.
Color Picker - This tool makes it easy to create, adjust, and experiment with custom colors for the web.
Preset - You can save and load the presets in order to applied to another same items, it will automatically set all settings inside saved preset into your selected items.
One Click Install Template

Access Online Template and Preset

30+ Website templates are available to download with one click. This awesome feature give your clients more options for their pages.

Every day our teams build free template and presets that give our users the easiest ways to install and customize them.

All of our pre-made dummy websites complete with exclusive images, video or effects and another media. They all can be imported in a few clicks, mixed and matched to become a solid foundation for your page.

Page Builder Plugin Template
Responsive Page Builder Plugin

100% Responsive

WP Composer Page Builder is 100% responsive, neat and clean. Meticulously crafted to enhance the actual look and appearance of your business website. It’s easy to use and customize, ships with plenty of business and corporate firm oriented page which let you convey your perfect business message with ease.

WP Composer Page Builder compatible with almost all mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and desktop computers, also with all modern web browsers which include Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 7/8/9/10/11 and also Microsoft Edge.

Professional Customer Support Med

Professional Online Support

WP Composer Page Builder has a high quality dedicated support team in place from Monday until Saturday and we offer support 24 hours a day to handle your requests and help to keep your productivity on track.

We’re the employees you would hire if you could. Responsive, helpful, and dedicated in ways automation simply can’t be. We’re your team!

Woo Commerce 100% Compatibility

Take your Woo Commerce website to the next level and edit your shop on the go. WP Composer Page Builder offers all Woo Commerce shortcodes ready as content elements and ensures full compatibility with the most popular E-Commerce plugin for WordPress.

Woo Mascot

Multilingual Ready
WordPress Websites

Make sure to adapt your WordPress language to your audience and speed up content management by editing it in your native language.


Multilingual Ready and RTL Support

WP Composer Page Builder offers multiple language packs, including English, French, Spanish and many other po, mo files available to you out of the box.

Powerful Editor
The awesome editor will gives you more a better experience
3500+ Icons
Access hundreds of icons from 8 icon libraries to make your Websites more fancy
Fonts Manager
Access 850+ Google Fonts with live preview from editor
Ready Content Elements
Our pre-packed with 45+ content elements allowing you to create pages and posts within minutes
Online Template Library
30+ online templates and presets are ready to download and apply
Custom CSS
Easily change options for every element to create a unique look
Best Page Builder WordPress Plugin